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Mister Charcoal for your teeth

Your teeth are the first thing others see. Of course you prefer those beautiful, white teeth that you see everywhere in the media. In real life, however, your teeth discolour quickly. You could use an expensive chemical treatment; we however prefer a natural solution. So why not try charcoal to whiten your teeth?!

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  • Consists of charcoal
  • 100% natural
  • 30 gr per package
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Black teeth for white teeth

It sounds crazy: blacken your teeth with charcoal to make them whiter. Believe us, within two seconds of brushing your teeth it leaves them pitch black. Still, many people swear by it as a natural way to whiten your discoloured teeth. This is actually a very old method. Our ancestors used charcoal to brush their teeth way before toothpaste was invented.


Gently rub the charcoal over your teeth with a wet toothbrush. You do not need to be afraid that you will damage your teeth as the powder is very fine. Also do not expect the product to foam or taste like mint. Charcoal is used in purifying filters because of its high absorbency and ability to neutralize odours; such would be the case for one’s mouth. Furthermore, the substance is known for removing tannins. Such as the dyes you find in coffee, tea and wine.

Use charcoal to brush your teeth and experience the effect.

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